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Working outside

Today we worked on the steps (Bret and I and Daddy was supervising) ~ Last year the Natural Gas Co. came in and put in a line to my house so I wouldn't have to be paying for propane.  Well in the process they dug up most of my steps up to my parking lot.

I didn't have time last summer for work on them, so we started today.  It most certainly is back-breaking work.  But we got lots accomplished.  Maybe tomorrow with Dad's help I can finish. I doubt Bret wants to come back ever!!!!  Ha ha, not really, he has to work at his job tomorrow.  Yay, Thanks Bret !!!!!

Here's a photo of the salon,  it's pretty awesome.  
I saw my sisters yesterday, they were here for the day.  They both mentioned that they noticed I hadn't blogged in awhile. I have no excuse.  At least not a good one.  I guess I've been preoccupied with work, or some days the lack of work.  Still building up a clientele.  But it's getting better.  Just trying to hang in there until summer, then it will pick up. As for the story I was writing, I've decided that I need to write from a different perspective, but I haven't figured out one yet, so I'm at a stand`still.