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Feeling so much frustration lately.  Haven't written in a few days.  Trying to figure it all out.  That is probably what the problem is.  Need to wait on God and quit trying to rush things........... AAARGH!

Oh my King!

Still feeling very overwhelmed after the Women's Warrior Convention this past weekend.  I'm filled with an unrestrained passion, knowing that I'm supposed to be doing something else in my life.  Knowing I have a gift that is sitting inside being unsused. I'm waiting for God's next move in my life.  I have finally settled down some, from those 1st days after the conference.  I don't feel it's necessary for God to give me one answer ~ right now.  I will wait. 
     But, I found this really awesome photo on the computer, I need to post it so it doesn't get lost in all my photos & downloads.  Maybe, I will figure out a way to put them each in labeled folders.  So many things I'm capable of doing on this computer, organizing isn't one of them.  Maybe a computer class at ENMU is in order. 

Song Of All Songs

I've been at the Women's Warrior Conference for the past two days, and there is so much I need to write about it.  God downloaded so much information into my head & my heart, that I have to think so much, before I just start writing about it.  

    But for now, I wanted to post a picture of one of the CD's I received as a gift and say that on the back of the CD after the list of all the songs is has a warning label:

WARNING:  This song may cause and sustain serious love sickness for Jesus in your heart.