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Memories Matter

Well today was another interesting day, one of patience and progress.  Patience because, all of my appointments either rescheduled or cancelled.  It's not even snowing that hard.

On a positive note regarding progress, I got so much written for my book, not in comparison to how long it will be, but just lots of time to write, since my appointments didn't show.

As I write, its so weird, because I'm starting at the beginning of the incredible stories of where I've been, what I've done and how I've survived.  And all the while, the remembering is very emotional. Some happy, some sad, but mostly just emotional.  It makes me realize that I've spent so much of my life living in the "emotional" part, that had I known what I know now, things could have been so different.

I realize that I had to go through these things to grow into who I am now, but I feel bad for the hurt I inflicted because of my lack of regard for anyone else's feelings.  It wasn't…