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Refresher Course - - - DONE!!!!

I'm home again.  I completed the refresher course and now I have to study much much more.  I didn't get very much out of the course, but I did get the hours and I can now go take the State Board Exam, both the written and the practical........

I'm waiting for Bret to return from Santa Fe, hes been up there working since Tuesday the 12th.  Life is slowly getting back to normal.
Erin is coming home for Thanksgiving, and Jess, Luke & Rob will all hopefully be here for Christmas.  Then we will see what 2014 holds.

Adorabella Beauty Academy

Well, I've been in Albuquerque since October 21st.  I started a refresher course at The Adorabella Beauty Academy on October 22nd.  The course will be complete on November 13th or 14th.  After that, I will go back home to Ruidoso and continue studying to take my State Board Exam.  The practical exam is on December 8th, I'm not sure when I take the written part of the Exam.

This has been a learning experience, not just re-learning the book end of Cosmetology, but learning about people.  I called Robert to get some advice, because I was having an issue with one of the people at the school (you know there's a bad apple in every bunch).

This is what Robert told me, and let me add that he has taught me so much about life, business, and just how to deal with people and still remain positive.  He said that we should look at all our relationships as "bank accounts", you can either make deposits or you can withdraw from those accounts.  Well, that is some very wise advi…