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From one of my readings this morning: I have seen your heart, your heaviness, your tears and I have said it is enough. I am removing many obstacles from your pathway at this time, setting your feet on solid ground. There is not an issue of lack. You have lifted your hearts to Me and said, “I know My God will make a way”. My child, I made the way even before you asked. Rejoice! I have opened and am opening doors that no one can take credit for. I am bringing back to your heart a stability in Me. The time of testing has been hard and the enemy meant it for your harm. But I have been here all the time. For this is a pathway chosen especially for you. This is the season of releasing that knowledge. Look to the midnight hour for a release of Heavenly wisdom, even a downpour from Heaven to be released. This is to bring freshness to you and the enemy will be put to flight.  Sorrow will no more be your portion. The time of birthing has ended and this is the season to rejoice over the newness …