"Nothing will enhance abundant life more than beginning our day expecting God and ending our day remembering God"

It's been a few days since I've written, a lot going on in my life and in my head.
    I've spent many hours praying for the health of some friends & family.  I will continue to pray for their health, but I've also been praying for them to realize that they have faith inside them to believe in miracles.  We have faith because God put it there.  We didn't stumble upon it.  He gave it to us to use. 
     On another subject, I'm addicted to buying books.  Not necessarily new ones, I buy them at garage sales, thrift stores, etc.  Anyway, this past weekend while Bret was over at my house, I was getting ready to got on our weekend adventure, and he was looking through my bookcases.  He stumbled upon a book that I had forgotten I had.

So, yesterday I started reading it.  It's a work/study book that evidently was supposed to have some DVD's included.  But, since I don't have those, I'm reading it anyway.  One of the things in the introduction, Beth talks about "God Stops".   She explains that the "stop" in GodStop comes from the acronym Gad gave her:  "Savoring the Observable Presence".  When God makes Himself observable, we want to stop and take notice.  How we need to stop and learn to say to ourselves "That's God"~ Stop and savor the moment"!   A Godstop is any means by which God seems to go out of His way during your day to make Himself known to you.
     Need examples?  Any answered prayer is a GodStop.  Any occurrence that you know is more than a coincidence is a Godstop.  Even consider a Godstop a time when God suddenly catches you in a sin or action of attitude that you didn't know anyone noticed.  A sudden disciplinary action is a Godstop.  Four green lights in a row when you are late for work is a Godstop.  God's children are not driven by coincidence.  We are people of providence.
     I'm really loving the book and wanted to share what I learned on day one.



  1. Oh, ,,Wow.....I love that.."God Stop"........I wake up at night many times and the first thing I say is "I Love you, Lord".....and THAT is a God Stop! Yay......thanks for posting about Beth's book....I will look for it on Amazon......I love her teaching better in books because her "live" teaching is kind of loud....hahaha.....have a wonderful day and don't forget I Love you!

  2. I know what you mean, sometimes Beth Moore makes me jump out of my chair. But she is an awesome teacher.

  3. I'd never even heard of Beth Moore. I, also, will need to look for her book. Aha! That might be a God Stop ;)

  4. Her books are awesome. And she is awesome in person, but she gets really excited and she gets louder and louder and louder. Sometimes, it's just a little too much for me. I would rather read her books


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