Timber Creek High School Graduation

Today from 4 pm to 6 pm was the graduation at Timber Creek High School in Keller, Texas.  Tonight, if Shayne was still with us, we would have all been at his graduation.  It's so difficult to even try to explain how that feels.

There are going to be so many "things & times" that I will feel this way.  So many things we will miss.  Shaynes graduation is just one of many things that we will never get to share.  He might have gone to college, fallen in love, gotten married, had children.  But, none of these things are ever going to happen.  For the rest of our lives, Shayne will always be 17.

I have wanted to do something ever since Shayne died.  Something to tell the world to help people who are depressed.  Something to teach us to see things better.  To not miss the signs.  I wish so badly that Shayne would have told us that he was hurting.  Oh, if I could only turn the clock back and save my precious grandson.

So, today, instead of going to graduation, I will instead ask God to continue to comfort my wonderful son Luke.  Comfort him each and every day of his life.  A life he will spend without his son.  Comfort us in our lives as we continue to grieve for our precious boy.  Gone too soon.  Shayne, if you can hear me now or ever, please just know that I love you.  I've always loved you & I will see you again one day.



  1. My Precious Sister, my heart is breaking for you and my dearest Godson. No one should ever have to endure the loss of a beloved child gone too soon. Know that my heart is always with you and grieves for this loss. None of us understands why but I know that you know we will all see him again one day.........I love you.

    1. I thought I had replied to you, but I guess I was thinking again! haha. I love you Ida ~ you are so precious to me! We have a special connection that was placed there by God. He lets you know when I need you & that's very cool. Love you so much <3


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