Anniversaries ~ Grief ~ Love

Daddy died two years ago on August 11, and on December 22 it will be the two year anniversary of the death of my precious grandson.  There hasn't been one day go by without thoughts of my Dad & Shayne.  I've changed considerably in those two years.

I guess we all grow up learning that life is what changes us, but it doesn't have the same impact that death does.

I've been learning about grief and what a terrible thing that it is to have following you around.  I've been trying to teach myself that grief is in the same category as unforgiveness. They only bring harm to us.  But, we grow and we change in both.  

I've had to really grow up in these 60 years of mine.  I've learned a lot of hard lessons about myself. but also about the people around me.  I've had to learn that expectations are so damaging.  When you start expecting and then get disappointed, it just makes trouble.

But we all expect things, it's human nature.  We want, we wish for, we think we deserve.  But what we need to know is that there is only one thing that is truly always ours.  And that is the Love of God. He loves us no matter what we say or do.  And that is one really awesome thing.


  1. Grief and unforgiveness do hurt us but we are able to decide to forgive.....we are not always able to decide we will stop grieving......we can only pray that time will make the grief easier to bear. We are so lucky that God chose us and loved us enough to go through the heartbreak of watching his own Son die for us.....that truly is love....


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