DREAMS ~ By: Robert Crain (my son)

This is a quote from my son Robert:

If the dream is really YOUR dream.. there's nothing... NOTHING .. that can stop you. If its someone elses dream for you and you're trying to make it yours... You dont stand a chance. Your dream will make you have a strong reason WHY you want to do it and if your WHY is strong enough.. you wont be stopped. Period.

How big is big enough? How much money is enough money? How happy is HAPPY for you?
You live your life and you have to settle for it. So keep in mind that you will be as happy as you want to be.
Luckily youre living in America and you can change what your doing with ease and make your life exactly how you want it. Dont blame anything on your situation. I know its rough, I undertand that times are hard... BUT please understand this...

Its been done before by someone with a worse situation than yours under harder times than you are going through with less confidence in their abilities than you have in yours. Bet I can go find a story about an extraordinary individual in 5 minutes that will make a person cry at the hardships they faced to reach their goal... Dont tell me that your situation is unfixable, unmanagable and that your not good enough or strong enough to change it. 


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